Data & Research

The driving force behind BankruptcyData can be seen by looking no farther than the root of our name: For more than 25 years, our data and research professionals have been compiling bankruptcy data, giving us the largest, most informative collection of bankruptcy filings in the world. We thoroughly research and fact-check our resources in order to deliver the most abundant and reliable bankruptcy information availiable so that our subscribers can efficiently and accurately perform their various roles at the highest possible level.

Business Bankruptcy Filing Data

Through our proprietary application, we collect case information on all business bankruptcies from the previous day each evening and provide that timely information to our subscribers via our website, FTP and email.

This information is available to you any time through our comprehensive online database, and is supplemented by daily emails containing an excel file of the previous day’s business bankruptcies


Sample filings dated 6/26/17

Report Contains:

  • Year
  • Debtor Name
  • Link to Filing Petition
  • Filing Date
  • Chapter Type
  • Case Number
  • # of Creditors
  • Asset Range
  • Liability Range
  • Industry/Description
  • Sales Volume


  • SIC Code
  • # of Employees
  • Court
  • Filing District
  • Debtor Address
  • Debtor Phone
  • EIN Number
  • Voluntary/Involuntary
  • Judge
  • Trustee Name, Address, Phone
  • Attorney Name, Firm, Address, Phone, Email


Public Company Bankruptcy Data

BankruptcyData has been collecting and storing data since the 1980s, giving us the country’s largest collection of historic and current public company bankruptcy information. Our subscribers research and monitor bankruptcies using the sophisticated interface below.

Bankruptcy Professionals Data

BankruptcyData houses the industry’s largest collection of bankruptcy professional retention information. Subscribers discover which firms and individuals have been retained, by whom and for how much, using powerful advanced search tools.

Bankruptcy News

Short news stories are written about all significant events in each public company bankruptcy in order to help our subscribers monitor specific cases. Subscribers are able to search the news with multiple options:

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