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In today’s 24/7 economy, BankruptcyData delivers the information you need and provides insight you can trust to help you focus on what matters most. Get targeted breaking news each day from the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts and other respected sources on all active public company bankruptcies. Along with the industry’s most extensive news coverage, users find convenient access to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court dockets--streamed directly to BankruptcyData--for all business bankruptcies. Bankruptcy professionals utilize BankruptcyData as their one-stop hub for business bankruptcy information. Our offerings are comprehensive, reliable and inexpensive. Our goal is to help businesses, professionals and individuals interested in the bankruptcy and distressed sectors achieve their goals by efficiently and effectively disseminating bankruptcy information.



Our website sits on the industry's largest collection of corporate bankruptcy data, giving subscribers untethered access to a wide range of information, including the following:

  • Extensive data on companies filing for bankruptcy dating to the mid-1980s
  • Sophisticated search and export capabilities that allow you to easily design, refine and output custom queries
  • Industry news, statistics and analysis

Digital Publications

BankruptyData provides daily and weekly publications, ensuring that our subscribers have all the latest bankruptcy information at their fingertips.

  • Bankruptcy and Emergence e-mail alerts to announce new public company filings and plan effectiveness 

Bankruptcy Daily: A daily “e-newsletter” delivered each morning summarizing the previous day’s bankruptcy news

Bankruptcy Week: A comprehensive newsletter delivered in PDF format every Monday afternoon to summarize the previous week’s bankruptcy activity



Data Delivery

A data feed and delivery management solution that combines the key datasets of our database to enhance our customer’s proprietary analytics, financial portals, CRM systems and more. Our turnkey database loading and delivery technology ensures efficient dissemination of our useful content in a relational database format.


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